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Are you tired of the old break / fix IT Technician?
Call us for revolutionary technology now available! Don't get left behind.
Online Pro Active Management of all your systems - be it 1 - 1000's pc's. We can help.

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Our company is based on computers, internet, hardware and most importantly - client service. Also, to keep your interest, we have added such subjects as Silhouette Shooting, Photography and more!

Call us now for specials on cartridges, toners, paper, all hardware - we aim to serve you better!

Some of our products and services are listed below:


  • Drobo Storage System devices - NEW on the market - no more loss of data! - see our products page
  • Canon Cameras - full range of cameras and all accessories now available
  • Garmin - complete range available and all software updates - let us assist you to get it installed
  • Tracks4Africa - a great add on to Garmin - especially for the outdoor enthusiast - only R650.00 incl - contact us..
  • Dell servers, laptops and systems
  • HP laptops, computers, servers, printers, scanners, multifunction units, etc
  • Gigabyte systems, motherboards and components
  • ASUS systems, servers and components
  • Acer systems, servers and laptops
  • Toshiba Laptops
  • Samsung Laptops and Monitors
  • 3COM networking equipment
  • D-Link networking equipment
  • Transcend and Corsair Memory
  • Seagate Hard Drives
  • Canon printers, cameras, etc
  • Epson printers, etc
  • Intel servers, processors and networking
  • AMD processors
  • Microsoft - all software and hardware products
  • Logitech Mouse and Keyboards
  • Pinnacle Systems Software
  • Cooler Master and Chenbro components
  • A-Open monitors components
  • All printer consumables
  • Modems and Internet Connectivity - from 56K to Broadband, 3G and iBurst
  • CD's CD RW's, DVD's and DVD RW consumables
  • Photostat paper at prices you won't believe!
  • Numerous other products .......
  • E-Mail solutions for home, business and corporate environments.
  • Symantec Anti Virus, Spam Filtering and Firewall Solutions
  • Streamline software - management and scheduling product available in std webpage interface. Access your office from anywhere in the world at any time.
  • We can supply you a one stop solution comprising of internet connectivity, e-mail server, anti-virus and span filtering, web statistics for your business, automated updates and security patch management

Metallic Silhouette Shooting


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